We are just about an hour from the NEWFOUNDLAND FERRY, which is situated this side of SYDNEY in North Sydney, just off the Trans Canada Highway [105].

Travelling to NEWFOUNDLAND can become very costly, even on the shorter route to Port Aux Basque [a 7 hour crossing]

A minimal cost for the return journey of an RV, Trailer or 5th Wheel & the passengers, fuel surcharges, & taxes, will quickly add up to $600 or $700 [depending on the size of the rig etc.].......and can easily reach $1000. Reserving a cabin can add more to the cost. 

It's VERY Much More expensive on the longer route to ARGENTIA....... [a 16 hour crossing].

If you intend staying for an extended period, the economics might well work out for you.....but check it out...!!

However, if a shorter stay is more likely, many choose to leave their RV at a campground of their choice & go to NEWFOUNDLAND in their tow truck, motorcycle or car. Hotels in NEWFOUNDLAND are not expensive, by comparison.

This season, we had several requests from travellers to NEWFOUNDLAND that decided to leave their RV with us, with a huge cost saving.

For as little as $5.00 per day [dry storage] these guys saved a whole bunch of money...... $10.00 per day being the fee if you want a powered hook-up to keep the 'fridge & batteries powered up & ready for when you return.

Do the Math & see for yourself how much you might save.....!!